While your bathroom’s design is a bit harder to change than other rooms, it’s where we spend time every day getting ready to leave the house and later to get ready for bed. And as a crucial part of your day, doesn’t this room deserve a bit more decoration than a cluster of toiletries along the side of the bath? We have transformed many bathrooms in Glasgow to provide homeowners with a stylish space to prepare themselves for the day ahead and relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Short of a splash of paint, it can be hard to transform your bathroom on your own. If you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, we have the experience and skills to do it justice. Even the smallest room can be converted into an attractive space that fits your needs, so let us energise your bathroom and create a space you are proud to show off to guests and comfortable to use every day.

We are experts in all the technical details that go into remodelling a bathroom, from the plumbing logistics to designing a practical layout that meets your needs. Whether you require a bathroom for a young family or elderly relatives, or you are looking for a modern bathroom with mood lighting, we can bring your ideas to life. Popular bathroom renovations we carry out are wet wall installations, adding roof lights to bring in natural light, installing waterfall showers, providing bathroom mobility aids, as well as creating en suites within master and guest bedrooms.

In addition to sorting all the internal workings, we can also fit the cosmetic aspects of the bathroom, including tiles, flooring, cabinets, ceiling panels and storage solutions.

When planning for your bathroom, we take into consideration your budget and any modifications you require. We can transform bathrooms to accommodate for limited mobility, disabilities and elderly people while keeping the design modern and stylish. This can include handrails, walk-in showers and other mobility accessories to improve accessibility and fit seamlessly into the design of the bathroom. Find out more about our Mobility Renovations.

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