At Bell & Higgins, we make remodelling your kitchen a whole lot easier. Our builders provide every trade, so we can take care of your new kitchen renovation from start to finish. From designing to installing, we can do it all – we’ll even remove your current kitchen for you. Rest assured we are Gas Safe approved, and all plumbing we do is to a high safety standard with official certificates provided for your records.

The process starts with us listening to your wants, needs, expectations and budget before generating visuals of how we can transform your kitchen into a space you’ll fall in love with. Our experience means we have the knowhow to get the most out of any space and with a keen interest in the latest trends and technology we can provide a modern kitchen that will last for years to come. The quality workmanship that goes into creating your kitchen optimises its functionality and results in a stylish finish that suits the design of your home.

Bespoke kitchens give you the freedom and flexibility to make your kitchen fit around your needs as well as express your personality. Whether you spend hours preparing dinner, or opt for quick and easy meals, cooking in your kitchen should be an enjoyable experience. Soft-close doors and inventive storage solutions make time spent in the kitchen as relaxing as possible, while effective air extraction ensures kitchen smells don’t travel throughout your home.

When it comes to kitchen design, functionality is just as important as style, and we remodel each kitchen to suit your specific needs and preferences. From cosy and homely to sleek and modern, we can do it all. The practical elements like the sink, cabinets and appliances, are designed to create a functional space, while the countertops, floors, lighting and splashback tiles, set the character of the room. Add stylish touches like kick-plate mood lighting and vintage tiles to bring your kitchen to life.

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